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Status: BETA
Patch v0.93d
You will need an encryption key to download
and participate in the testing patch
Join discord to receive one:
BETA v0.93e

/!\ Remove ALL items with +MANA before applying this patch /!\
New Necromancer class item
New uniques for the new class items
Background work done - hence why +mana must be removed

BETA v0.93d

/!\ Respec Amazon, Necromancer before applying this patch, skill changes /!\
Amazon skill: Fend has been altered
Amazon skill: Impale has been altered
Amazon skill: Immolation Arrow has been altered
Necromancer skill: Summon Skeletal Archers swapped in
Adjusted Hard Mode Charm
Adjusted a few more monsters
Added a few more superuniques
Fixed various bugs and spawns
Since there's no page for drops etc. yet, have these:
Each Act has a vendor that sells various crafting items
Corpsefire drops a Hard Mode Charm
Griswold drops an Anvil of Fury
The Summoner can drop an Ennead Sphere, all difficulties
Ancient Kaa the Soulless can drop his eyes, difficulty based
The Ancients can sometimes drop a worldstone shard, difficulty based
The Ancients can more often drop a bloodstone gem, the only way to get them

Known bugs/glitches:

Some skills may not work properly
Short descriptions of skills will not display properly
Some skills may not have balanced damage/mana values (feedback on this very appreciated)
Classic does not have proper visuals for inventory
Enemies have not been replaced in map files yet, if you find vanilla monsters with old AI/skills, please note the area/surroundings

Recommended to test:

Sorceress, Necromancer, Paladin, Amazon, Druid, Barbarian
Vendors (Akara etc.) sells respec tokens for testing purposes
Note: All skills are not final, and are always subject to change
Note: It is suggested to read each skill, some are slightly altered


Find your Diablo 2 folder and replace "patch_d2.mpq" with the modded version
It is suggested to make a backup of the old one incase you wish to uninstall the mod
To uninstall, simply overwrite the modded "patch_d2.mpq" with the original
Note: version 1.10 - 1.14 required, supports use of PlugY

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